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CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur-An armed encounter between government troops and members of the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) flared up in a distant village in Baao town, Camarines Sur province around 2:40 in the morning today, March 13.


Joint elements of 83rd Infantry Battalion (83IB) and 2nd Police Mobile Force Company (2PMFC) of Camarines Sur were conducting security operations in Barangay Pugay of the said town in response to the report about the presence of CTG members recruiting residents in the area when an hostile encounter with at least 15 communist terrorists broke-out.


The firefight lasted for 15 minutes before the fleeing rebels scurried towards hinterland village. No reported casualties on the government troops but the fatalities on the members of the CTG were still undetermined.


Recovered from the encounter site were two M16 rifles, one M203 grenade launcher, one M1 garand rifle, three anti-personnel mines, three hand grenades, seven blasting caps, two rolls of detonating wire, seven long magazines for M16 rifles, subversive documents and other personal belongings.


Meanwhile, Col. Tommy Deliva, Battalion Commander of 83IB expressed his gratitude for the prompt report made by the residents. He said that the public's cooperation with the army's efforts to end the insurgency is an evident proof that they are sick and tired with the CTG's deceptions and atrocities.


He also emphasized that the CTG is already demoralized and crippled with the intensified operations of the military.


Prior to this, elements of 9th Infantry Battalion (9IB) and PNP also recovered a bulk of war materials in the towns of Del Gallego and Ragay.


Hence, Joint Task Force Bicolandia (JTFB) under MGEN FERNANDO T TRINIDAD AFP believes that this successive recoveries of war materials and ammunitions were the corollary of the urgent appeal of the government and cooperation of the public, former and surrendering rebels in the wide call of stopping insurgency.