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CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur- Operating troops from the 93rd Division Reconnaissance Company and 19 members of Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) clash anew in Barangay San Pascual, Basud, Camarines Norte on Thursday 6:20 am, March 28.


The said encounter was a result of the massive security operation being conducted by the government forces to hunt down the terrorists under Vic Palacio of Larangan 2, Komiteng Probinsya of Bicol Regional Party Committee who were involved in the different terroristic activities in some areas of Cam. Sur and second district of Cam. Norte.


The firefight lasted for about 10 minutes before the terrorists scampered towards different directions dragging along their wounded members. The soldiers recovered one anti-personnel mine, 50 meters electric wire, one sack of rice, one cellular phone, two backpacks containing subversive documents and personal belongings from the encounter site.


There was no reported casualty on the government side while additional forces are being deployed in the area to intensify the pursuit operations.


In the statement of Maj. Gen. Fernando T. Trinidad, Commander of JTF Bicolandia, he commended the efforts of the operating troops in conducting relentless operations which negated the CTGs from launching their atrocities as propaganda highlight the NPA anniversary on March 29.


He further said that JTF Bicolandia is closely coordinating with other security forces to enhance and strengthen their inter-operability to prevent the atrocious activities of the CTGs.


“We are also asking everyone to be extra vigilant and proactive in preserving the in their respective communities. Do not hesitate to report any suspicious personalities or groups in your localities to alert the authorities and ensure the safety of everyone” he added.



CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur- Another clash between the government troops and Communist Terrorists Group (CTG) transpired in Barangay Salvacion, Bulusan, Sorsogon on Sunday afternoon, March 24.


According to the report, the operating troops from 91st Division Reconnaissance Company were conducting security operation in response to the report about the presence of the terrorist group in Barangay Salvacion when the firefight ensued.


The encounter against 10 members of Larangan 1, Komiteng Probinsya 3 of Bicol Regional Party Committee lasted for about five minutes and resulted to the death of one unidentified terrorist while no casualty was reported on the government side.


The soldier also retrieved the following items in the encounter site: two m16 rifles where one is with attached M203 grenade launcher, one bandolier with five magazines, one GPS, two detonating switches for anti-personnel mine, two rolls of wire, one handheld radio, four cellular phones, one USB, and four backpacks.


Meanwhile, additional forces were deployed in the area to intensify the pursuit operation in coordination with the PNP for assistance and proper disposition of the cadaver recovered in the encounter site.


In the statement of Maj. Gen. Fernando T. Trinidad, Commander JTF Bicolandia (JTFB), he said that JTFB forces will be relentless in conducting Focused Military Operations on the identified lairs and safety havens of the Communist Terrorist Groups to prevent them from launching terroristic activities against development projects and intervene democratic processes of incoming election to exploit as propaganda highlights during the incoming founding anniversary of the NPA.


Further, the Commander expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the concerned citizens who continuously provide timely information which led to successful combat operations. He said that the support and cooperation extended by the civilians in the localities clearly manifested that they are already fed up of CTG’s atrocities and abuses.


On the other hand, the Commander called upon the remaining members of the CTG to avail the opportunity being extended by the government through the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) so that they will have another chance of enjoying the peaceful life together with their families.



CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur – The Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) and the Regional Development Council (RDC) converged for the conduct of Peace and Development Summit (PDS) held at Legazpi Convention Center, Legazpi City on Monday, March 11.


Present in the full council meeting were the members of RPOC headed by Hon. Noel Rosal of Legaspi City and Regional Development Council headed by Hon. Al Francis Bichara of Albay Province. Likewise, Lt. Gen. Gilbert I Gapay AFP, Commander Southern Luzon Command together with Maj. Gen. Fernando T Trinidad AFP, Commander JTF Bicolandia and all line unit commanders in Bicol region attended the said convergence.


The Peace Summit was initiated to ensure effective implementation of Executive Order No. 70 (EO 70) which pertains to the institutionalization of Whole-of-Nation Approach in attaining inclusive and sustainable peace and creation of National Task Force to end insurgency. The EO envisions to facilitate societal inclusivity and ensure active participation of all sectors of society in pursuit of the peace agenda.


In line with this, the members of RDC and RPOC signed the pledge of commitment and joint resolution for the creation of Regional Task Force that will replicate efforts of the national government in a local setting in the Bicol region. The Regional Task Force will be chaired by Usec. Marvel Clavecilla, the Presidential Assistant for Bicol Affairs.  


The said Task Force will orchestrate the inter-agency programs that are responsive to local needs and sensitive to realities on the ground specifically in Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDAs). The said undertaking aims to provide an efficient mechanism and structure for the implementation of whole-of-nation approach which will resolve root causes of conflict.


With this, Maj. Gen. Trinidad expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the members of both councils for creating a group that will cater the implementation of EO in the regional level. The Commander stressed that it will be beneficial because it will harmonize all the peace efforts being undertaken. In addition, he enjoined the public to give their full cooperation and support to this endeavor to attain sustainable peace.



CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur—The 9th Infantry (Spear) Division honored its fallen comrades upon arrival at Naga City Airport, Wednesday morning, March 20.

On board a C291 plane of the Philippine Air Force, the remains of Cpl Jojo V. Lim, Cpl Mark Joy C. Belano, Cpl Rocky C. Sasutona and Pvt. Christopher Baylon were received by the officers and enlisted personnel of 9ID with full military honors as a sign of recognition to their heroism and respect to their ultimate sacrifice.

The Bicolano heroes fell in a clash against Daesh-inspired terrorist group led by Owayda Benito Marohombsar alyas “Abu Dar” in Sitio Tagum, Barangay Dinaigan, Tubaran, Lanao del Sur on March 15.

Abu Dar, the elusive leader of ISIS linked Maute Group, was believed to be among the terrorists killed in the said encounter. He was among the Maute leaders recorded on video during the planning session for the attack of Marawi City.

Present during the tribute were Col. Ferozaldo Paul T. Regencia, Assistant Division Commander for Reserve Force Development and the families of the fallen soldiers. Immediately after the ceremony, the remains were brought to St. Martin of Tours Chapel at Camp Elias Angeles for necrological service before they were sent back home to their respective families.

Maj. Gen. Fernando T Trinidad, the Commander of 9ID and JTF Bicolandia expressed his respect and condolences to the bereaved families of the fallen soldiers. He said that their sacrifices bespeak of soldier’s commitment to country and the people.

“As we gaze at the National Flag that flies at half-mast anew, rest assured that the heroism and sacrifices of our soldiers will not be in vain. We will continue to pursue the peace in the country" he added.

The Commander also gave his assurance that appropriate burial honors befitting for heroes will be given to the fallen Spear Warriors.



CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur— A member of CPP-NPA terrorist group was apprehended during the conduct of pursuit operation of 2nd Infantry (Second to None) Battalion in Barangay Canjunday, Baleno, Masbate on March 9 at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

The apprehended terrorist was identified as Rodel Tugbo y Del Rosario @ Marvin/Rems, 51 years old, resident of the said barangay, and a member of KLG North, KOMPROB Masbate of Bicol Regional Party Committee.

Confiscated from his possession are two pieces of cal. 40mm ammunition, one anti-personnel mine and 100 meters detonating wire. The said personality was immediately turned over to Baleno MPS for filling of appropriate charges.

It can be recalled that hours before the arrest, a clash between the government troops and about 30 CNTs transpired in Barangay Ubongon Diot of the same municipality which resulted to the death of one terrorist and wounding of one soldier.

In a separate manhunt, operating troops of Charlie Company, 2IB discovered an abandoned terrorist encampment at the vicinity of Barangay Gangao. The soldiers were able to retrieve a generator set, two icom radios with chargers, and a solar panel from the said place.

In the statement of the Joint Task Force Bicolandia, soldiers and police forces are relentless in conducting follow-up operations against the fleeing terrorist to prevent them from regrouping and launching counter actions.

In the connection with the on-going pursuit operation, Maj. Gen. Fernando T. Trinidad reminded the local resident in the area to be extra vigilant, and to report to authorities any dubious and suspicious persons in their vicinities to prevent the terrorist from utilizing their community as a hiding place to evade the authorities. He further stressed the harboring terrorist is a crime and would endanger their lives and property.

On the other hand, the Commander JTFB called upon the remaining members of the CNT to surrender or face the full force of the law. He said that it is better to lay down their arms and choose the path of peace rather than suffer the same fate of their dead and apprehended comrades.