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Soldiers Arrest an NPA Terrorist



CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur— A member of CPP-NPA terrorist group was apprehended during the conduct of pursuit operation of 2nd Infantry (Second to None) Battalion in Barangay Canjunday, Baleno, Masbate on March 9 at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

The apprehended terrorist was identified as Rodel Tugbo y Del Rosario @ Marvin/Rems, 51 years old, resident of the said barangay, and a member of KLG North, KOMPROB Masbate of Bicol Regional Party Committee.

Confiscated from his possession are two pieces of cal. 40mm ammunition, one anti-personnel mine and 100 meters detonating wire. The said personality was immediately turned over to Baleno MPS for filling of appropriate charges.

It can be recalled that hours before the arrest, a clash between the government troops and about 30 CNTs transpired in Barangay Ubongon Diot of the same municipality which resulted to the death of one terrorist and wounding of one soldier.

In a separate manhunt, operating troops of Charlie Company, 2IB discovered an abandoned terrorist encampment at the vicinity of Barangay Gangao. The soldiers were able to retrieve a generator set, two icom radios with chargers, and a solar panel from the said place.

In the statement of the Joint Task Force Bicolandia, soldiers and police forces are relentless in conducting follow-up operations against the fleeing terrorist to prevent them from regrouping and launching counter actions.

In the connection with the on-going pursuit operation, Maj. Gen. Fernando T. Trinidad reminded the local resident in the area to be extra vigilant, and to report to authorities any dubious and suspicious persons in their vicinities to prevent the terrorist from utilizing their community as a hiding place to evade the authorities. He further stressed the harboring terrorist is a crime and would endanger their lives and property.

On the other hand, the Commander JTFB called upon the remaining members of the CNT to surrender or face the full force of the law. He said that it is better to lay down their arms and choose the path of peace rather than suffer the same fate of their dead and apprehended comrades.