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Soldiers- Communist Terrorists Clash Anew



CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur- Another clash between the government troops and Communist Terrorists Group (CTG) transpired in Barangay Salvacion, Bulusan, Sorsogon on Sunday afternoon, March 24.


According to the report, the operating troops from 91st Division Reconnaissance Company were conducting security operation in response to the report about the presence of the terrorist group in Barangay Salvacion when the firefight ensued.


The encounter against 10 members of Larangan 1, Komiteng Probinsya 3 of Bicol Regional Party Committee lasted for about five minutes and resulted to the death of one unidentified terrorist while no casualty was reported on the government side.


The soldier also retrieved the following items in the encounter site: two m16 rifles where one is with attached M203 grenade launcher, one bandolier with five magazines, one GPS, two detonating switches for anti-personnel mine, two rolls of wire, one handheld radio, four cellular phones, one USB, and four backpacks.


Meanwhile, additional forces were deployed in the area to intensify the pursuit operation in coordination with the PNP for assistance and proper disposition of the cadaver recovered in the encounter site.


In the statement of Maj. Gen. Fernando T. Trinidad, Commander JTF Bicolandia (JTFB), he said that JTFB forces will be relentless in conducting Focused Military Operations on the identified lairs and safety havens of the Communist Terrorist Groups to prevent them from launching terroristic activities against development projects and intervene democratic processes of incoming election to exploit as propaganda highlights during the incoming founding anniversary of the NPA.


Further, the Commander expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the concerned citizens who continuously provide timely information which led to successful combat operations. He said that the support and cooperation extended by the civilians in the localities clearly manifested that they are already fed up of CTG’s atrocities and abuses.


On the other hand, the Commander called upon the remaining members of the CTG to avail the opportunity being extended by the government through the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) so that they will have another chance of enjoying the peaceful life together with their families.