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Soldiers Negate CTG from Launching Atrocity



CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur- Operating troops from the 93rd Division Reconnaissance Company and 19 members of Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) clash anew in Barangay San Pascual, Basud, Camarines Norte on Thursday 6:20 am, March 28.


The said encounter was a result of the massive security operation being conducted by the government forces to hunt down the terrorists under Vic Palacio of Larangan 2, Komiteng Probinsya of Bicol Regional Party Committee who were involved in the different terroristic activities in some areas of Cam. Sur and second district of Cam. Norte.


The firefight lasted for about 10 minutes before the terrorists scampered towards different directions dragging along their wounded members. The soldiers recovered one anti-personnel mine, 50 meters electric wire, one sack of rice, one cellular phone, two backpacks containing subversive documents and personal belongings from the encounter site.


There was no reported casualty on the government side while additional forces are being deployed in the area to intensify the pursuit operations.


In the statement of Maj. Gen. Fernando T. Trinidad, Commander of JTF Bicolandia, he commended the efforts of the operating troops in conducting relentless operations which negated the CTGs from launching their atrocities as propaganda highlight the NPA anniversary on March 29.


He further said that JTF Bicolandia is closely coordinating with other security forces to enhance and strengthen their inter-operability to prevent the atrocious activities of the CTGs.


“We are also asking everyone to be extra vigilant and proactive in preserving the in their respective communities. Do not hesitate to report any suspicious personalities or groups in your localities to alert the authorities and ensure the safety of everyone” he added.