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Soldiers Score Anew



CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines Sur--- The 9th Infantry (Spear) Division scores anew in the recent encounter with the Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) in Barangay San Luis I, Guinyangan, Quezon around 4:50 in the afternoon, Wednesday, April 3.

According to the report, operating troops of 96th Infantry (Alab) Battalion were conducting combat operation in response to the information regarding the presence of terrorists belonging to Larangan 1, Komiteng Probinsya 1 in the said area when the firefight broke out.

The firefight lasted for about five minutes after which the terrorists scampered towards different directions dragging along their casualties. The government troops seized one M16 rifle with one magazine and live ammunition, two cellular phones and two backpacks containing personal belongings.

Meanwhile, no one was harmed on the government side while additional forces have been deployed to tracked down the fleeing CTG members.

In the statement of JTF Bicolandia, the command said that the on-going campaign against the CTG is already gaining grounds and yielding positive results. For the 1st quarter of this year, a total of 11 CTG members were neutralized and numerous high-powered firearms and war materials were recovered.

With the intensified combat and non-combat activities, the JTF Bicolandia is expecting the CTGs to lose their traditional bases and lairs thereby making them disarray and eventually collapse.

"We want to resolve this insurgency problem in a peaceful manner that’s why we are reaching out to the remaining members of the CTG to surrender and give up the violent armed struggle. For those who will continue to use arms and violence, we have no choice but to apply the full force of the law. We are mandated to safeguard the people and their properties from the abuses and threats of the terrorist group”, Maj. Gen. Fernando T. Trinidad AFP, Commander JTF Bicolandia, added.