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Communist Terrorist Group Suffers Another Blow



CAMP ELIAS ANGELES, Pili, Camarines, Sur--- The Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) suffered another debacle in the recent encounter with the government troops in the boundary of Barangay Manga, and Barangay Barcelonita town of Sipocot, Camarines Sur, Friday morning, April 5.

The encounter ensued after the 9th Infantry (Sandigan) Battalion sent its operating troops after receiving a tipped off coming from the concerned citizens regarding the presence of 12 armed terrorists in the area. 

After 15 minutes firefight, the terrorists scampered towards different direction leaving behind one M14 rife, two M16 rifles, two anti-personnel mines, electric wires, blasting caps, two bandoliers with magazines and ammunition, four cellular phones, and two jungle packs containing personal belongings. Heavy bloodstains were also seen along their route of withdrawal indicating the fleeing terrorists have scores of wounded with them while no one was harmed on the side of the government troops.

With the recent incident, the AFP and PNP units nearby have been alerted and tasked to conduct follow up operations to prevent the CTG from launching counter attacks against their vulnerable targets. 

According to the JTF Bicolandia, the CTG is now in disarray after incurring heavy losses in the series of encounters transpired within the AOR. Aside from the tactical losses, the command also said that the terrorist group is also suffering from shortage of manpower and support after surge of surrenders from its regular members and supporters pile up across the region leaving majority of its members demoralized.

Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Fernando T Trinidad AFP, Commander JTF Bicolandia congratulated the troops for another display of gallantry and heroism so that the Bicolanos will be safe from the harm and threat of the CTG.  Likewise, he also recognized the support being extended by the civilians which he said a clear manifestation that the CTGs are now losing their mass bases and lairs. 

Nonetheless, the Commander is still hopeful that the remaining members of the CTG will heed to the call and avail the programs being offered by the government.  “It is very timely that our government created a Task Force dedicated to end insurgency problem because this will fast track the delivery of services that will give solution to the issues being used and exploited by the CTG. Let us be united for peace and development- that is what our country needs”, he added.