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Joint AFP-PNP Operation in Masbate Yields Positive Result



CAMP ELIAS, ANGELES, Pili, Cam. Sur — Two communist terrorists were killed in a firefight between the government forces and Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) in Barangay Buri, Mandaon, Masbate, Monday morning, April 8.

The said incident ensued when the combined elements of soldiers and police launched an operation after receiving reports regarding the presence of seven armed CTG in the said area.

The brief firefight, which lasted for about five minutes, led to the death of two CTG members and confiscation of an M16 assault rifle, one cal. 45 pistol and personal belongings. According to the report, the dead CTG members were identified as Rolando Ipil alyas Ka Jezel and a certain Ka Arnel.

No one was harmed on side of the government forces while the cadavers of CTG members were turned over to Mandaon Municipal Police Station for proper disposition.

Pursuit was immediately launched for the apprehension of the fleeing CTG members involved in the said incident.

Maj. Gen. Fernando T Trinidad, Commander of JTF Bicolandia, once again lauded the accomplishment of the troops saying that the government forces will continue its effort to hunt down the remaining members of the CTG who continuously engage in terroristic activities and other form of lawlessness.

“The timely information being relayed by the civilians made us successful in our combat activities. This is a clear manifestation that the CTG members are no longer welcome in the communities. They do not have mass base anymore and they already lost their traditional guerilla bases.” the Commander said.

He likewise said, “with the sustained operations being conducted by the government forces, the CTG members need to choose--- abandon the armed struggle and avail the program being offered by the government or face the full force of the law and suffer the same fate of their dead comrades”.