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Top Red Fighter Leader dead in clash with Army


wounded1 wounded2 wounded3


The recent encounter between soldiers of 49th Infantry Battalion and New People’s Army yesterday morning at Brgy Sinuknipan, Del Gallego, Camarines Sur resulted to the killing of a top-ranking NPA red fighter of the Bicol Regional Party Committee. He is the mastermind on the launching of numerous offensives against the military and atrocities to innocent civilians. His combat experience in almost all of the provinces within the region from Masbate to Camarines Norte and to the island of Catanduanes and his leadership thereof earned him a permanent sit in the high-level organ of the BRPC aside from being the CO of the RYG.

A former rebel revealed that the killed NPA yesterday is also known as AL/ INGKIT/ ARJUN and is presently the CO of the Regional Yunit Guerilla of the Bicol Regional Party Committee. The NPA’s real identity is Aldrin Rabulan, native of Brgy Baras, Donsol, Sorsogon. Among the more recent popular offensives in his record include: Raid of Municipal Police Stations of Bagamanoc in 2002 and San Lorenzo Ruiz in 2003. In 2004, his group was responsible in the abduction of LT Fidelino, an Army Officer and 1 soldier of 42nd Infantry Battalion at Brgy Banga, Tinambak, Camarines Sur which took several months of negotiations and the raids in Sta. Magdalena detachment and Coast Guard patrol base in Matnog, Sorsogon. His group also attacked an army detachment in Brgy San Jose, San Vicente, Camarines Norte on August 2009. In 2012, he was also the leader on the attack of Maut detachment in Labo, Cam Norte which resulted to the killing of four personnel and a civilian, wounding of one military and one civilian, several high-powered firearms were also seized including the cal. 45 pistol (recovered in the possession of @INGKIT) was the issued pistol of Lt Estrebillo, team leader of said team. Early this year, the encounter at Agaw-Aw, Ragay Camarines Sur resulted to the killing of a Civilian Active Auxiliary and wounding of two soldiers, an M14 was also seized from the military troops.

Just yesterday, the military recovered one (1) cal.45 pistol, one (1) shot gun, two (2) laptop computers, 7 cellphones and two back packs.

9ID Commander BGen Yerson E Depayso reiterates his call to our brothers to go back to the folds of our government and live peacefully with their families. The “Guns for Peace” program of our government can be availed for them to help them return to the mainstream society. May this incident send a message to the exploited NPA members who are still hiding in the mountain. Fighting the government with the use of violence that brings destruction to human lives and properties is not the right and moral thing to do. They could serve their countrymen better if they will resort to peaceful means of effecting reforms in the society. The death of one NPA is unnecessary and could have been prevented.